Professional Development

In addition to my teaching and scholarship activities,  I organize and offer professional development sessions at Millersville University, 

through the Teaching Professor and in other venues. These sessions focus on online and blended teaching, instructional technology and innovative pedagogy  & assessment.

Center for Academic Excellence

I served as the Director of Millersville University’s Center for Academic Excellence from 2013-2020. The mission of the Center is to promote excellence in teaching and learning through the:

  • Encouragement of an atmosphere of collaboration and scholarly inquiry as an integral part of teaching and learning

  • Provision of resources and programs to assist faculty with their professional development as educators

  • Promotion of a campus environment that fosters scholarship

  • Encouragement of teaching practice that is grounded in scholarship​

  • Support of partnerships across the university to enhance learning

  • Development of a broad range of services and programs

  • Offering of a forum for discussion on various topics related to teaching and learning​

  • Establishment and maintenance of mutually supportive relationships with other institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania

Camp IDEA​

The purpose of Camp IDEA is to develop or strengthen Millersville faculty members understanding of the pedagogical principles which support learner-centered instruction in an online environment, using primarily the University's learning management system, while incorporating a variety of technological tools. It is understood that the faculty who attend Camp IDEA, in addition to belonging to diverse fields of expertise, may have a wide range of experience with technology and online course design. As such, instruction focuses on the principles of course design which have been proven effective when applied to a course of any online amount- from technology assisted to fully online.


The Camp IDEA workshop enables participants to:

  • Design purposeful course navigation and communicate that design to students.
  • Identify, create and explain instructional materials that enable student attainment of learning objectives.
  • Choose assessment instruments that are sequenced, varied and provide authentic measures of student development.
  • Integrate current technologies that enhance instruction and student development into courses.
  • Identify and articulate learning supports needed to provided students in an online environment.

The Teaching Professor -

Blended Learning
Course Design:
A Boot Camp for Instructors

This workshop is designed for instructors who plan to convert a traditional face-to-face course into a blended course. As such, it is modeled as a blended course with work being done before, during, and after the session.


Participants leave the two-day workshop with:

  •  A better understanding of how to manage the three phases of a blended learning cycle: before, during, and after class
  • The ability to create a syllabus for a blended course
  • Ideas on how to organize their own LMS for a blended course
  • A greater familiarity with technology tools and how they can support learning
  • An outline of the work that they need to do before launching their blended course