Collaborating for Innovation

My name is Oliver Dreon.  I have been working at Millersville University since 2007.  At Millersville, I work with preservice and practicing teachers at all grade levels.  My teaching duties mainly focus on areas related to instructional technology, online teaching and science education.  I have taught elementary science methods courses, instructional technology & online teaching courses and an issues course for secondary education majors.  In addition to these courses, I have developed workshops for using online tools and digital storytelling in K-12 classrooms.  I also served as the director of the University's Center for Academic Excellence which leads professional development activities on campus.  Through the Center, I worked to build capacity across campus with online teaching and innovative pedagogy and assessment.

My research interests may at first appear to be unrelated. I work with developing best practices for instructional technology and online pedagogy and study the development of beginning teachers.  Overall, however, the common strand is an interest in understanding how different learning communities develop and what tools help to foster collaboration and communication amongst group members.